Recommended Books & websites

Recommended websites

Please contact us if you have any websites you would like to share.

For teachers Grammar Bytes is a great website with downloadable handouts and very funky PowerPoints to teach grammar (English site) and
are both US sites that have lots of good writing resources and ideas. Shirley Clarke – Effective learning through formative assessment. (English site) Pie Corbett’s website includes forums and ideas for writing. You need to join this site but there is no charge. (English site)

For students

Go Storymakers is a private online option for kids who love to write. There is a fee of $50 per term. Good for self motivated kids who like computers. Visit for more information.

Fabostory is an initiative of local Kiwi authors to write collaboratively with NZ kids and give aspiring child authors the opportunity to have their work published. Visit for more information.

Upstart is a fantastic NZ publication for young writers. Students can write articles and book reviews and see their contributions in a magazine on sale in shops! Visit for more information.

Websites with great ideas to motivate writing  answers to questions (wonders)- you can send in your own wonders  This website has a range of interesting videos which can be used in writing and reading. articles on a variety of curriculum areas – most have video clips to go with them UK site with a huge range of user-friendly resources and lesson ideas – images, music video’s film clips short clips showing how things work

Behind the news Australian ABC news website – great for current events – new items have printed transcripts to go with them student version of TED talks  lots of examples of book trailers made by kids to use as exemplars – Book selling website where you can download book excerpts website for GoPro cameras. Great for writing personal recounts from a different perspective. – there are some beautiful photography series on this site. Not all content is appropriate for students.  This site shares an image and writing idea every day. You can go back and review posts using the calendar.

Recommended books

Here is a list of books we have found useful. A complete reference list can be found on page 214 of The Writing Book.

  • Everyday Editing, by Jeff Anderson, (2007), Stenhouse, Portland, M.E.
  • Ten Things Every Writer Needs to Know, by Jeff Anderson, (2011), Stenhouse, Portland, M.E.
  • Enriching Feedback in the Primary Classroom, by Shirley Clarke, (2003) Hodder Education, U.K.
  • Unlocking Formative Assessment, by Shirley Clarke, (2001), Hodder & Stoughton, U.K.
  • Boy Writers: Reclaiming their Voices, by Ralph Fletcher, (2006), Stenhouse, Portland, M.E.
  • Effective Literacy Practice, Learning Media, (2006), Ministry of Education, Wellington, N.Z.
  • I’ve Got Something to Say: Leading Young Writers to Authorship, by Gail Loane, Aries Pub. Ltd, N.Z.
  • Learning to Learn in a Second Language, by Pauline Gibbons, (1991), Primary English Teachers Association, Newtown, N.S.W. Australia.
  • Effective Practices in Teaching Writing by Dr Shaun Hawthorne, (2011), NZATE, Lyttelton, N.Z.
  • Write Ways: Modelling Writing Forms by Lesley Wing-Jan, (2008) Oxford University Press, Australia.