About the Books

S&L Publishing

Sheena and Louise established S&L Publishing in 2013.
They published their first book, The Writing Book in 2013
and The Oral Language Book in 2016.

Meet the team

Sheena Cameron, Director and Author

Sheena Cameron
Director and Author

Louise Dempsey, Director and Author

Louise Dempsey
Director and Author

Sasha Farry, Administration

Sasha Farry

About the Authors

Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey are the co-authors of The Writing Book and The Oral Language Book

Sheena is an experienced teacher who has taught in New Zealand, the UK and the United States. She has taught at primary,
intermediate and tertiary levels. Sheena currently facilitates literacy workshops both in New Zealand and internationally and is the author of The Reading Activity Handbook, (2004), The Display and Publishing Handbook (2006) and Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies (2009).

Louise is an experienced teacher, consultant and trainer who has worked in New Zealand and the UK. She facilitates literacy training and school-based professional learning in New Zealand and Australia. She has completed a range of writing projects for NZ and English publishers, including the Department of Education in the UK.

Teachers' Choice Award Winner

Sheena and Louise were very proud to be awarded the Teachers Choice Award for the Oral Language Book at the NZ Education Awards 2018

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